Forms and Documents

Browse the five forms below to petition the State Environmental Commission to issue an opinion, vote on a regulation, appeal a decision by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP), or complete other official business. These forms meet the requirements of the Nevada Administrative Procedures Act. Access the documents and links at the bottom of this page to learn more about the formal rules and procedures that govern the SEC.


Form #1 — Petition to Adopt, Amend, or Repeal Commission Regulations

Use this form to propose changes or additions to environmental regulations in the Nevada Administrative Code. Please attach your proposed regulatory language when submitting this petition. You must also include Form #4 when submitting this form.

Form # 2 — Advisory Opinion or Declaratory Order

Use this form to ask us for an official order or opinion on the scope or applicability of an environmental statute, regulation, or final decision by NDEP.

Form # 3 — Appeals

Use this form to appeal a final decision or action made by NDEP. For us to consider your appeal, you must submit this form within 10 days of NDEP's final decision or action. For more information about the appeal process, visit the SEC Appeals Process page.

Form # 4 — Small Business Impact Disclosure Process

This form provides a framework for drafting and submitting a small business impact statement (SBIS). You must complete this form if proposing regulations using Form #1 (see above). Form #4 has two parts. Use the first part to determine if you need to complete an SBIS (See NRS 233B.0603). Use the second part to see the criteria for your SBIS.

Form # 5 — Small Business Impact Aggrievement Petition

Use this form to file an objection over the economic impact of a recently passed regulation on Nevada's small businesses. Please submit this form within 90 days following the adoption of the regulation (NRS 233B.105).

Other Forms