Proposed Revocation of Grade III Wastewater Treatment Operator Certificate No. NV-876

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10:00 A.M.
December 19, 2018
Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, Red Rock conference room
2030 East Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

SEC Final Decision: Dismissed with Stipulations

Hearing Audio, Agenda, Notices, Minutes, and Transcripts

Background of Appeal

A three-member panel of the State Environmental Commission (SEC) has scheduled an appeal hearing regarding the above referenced wastewater treatment operator certificate. The hearing will be held on December 19, 2018, beginning at 10:00 a.m. at the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection building, Red Rock conference room, located at 2030 East Flamingo Road, Suite 230, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119. The hearing date was selected after consultation with the parties.

The panel directed the parties to reach a negotiated settlement within 30 calendar days. 

Appeal Documents

Settlement Agreement

Appellant Documents: Nathaniel Seltenriech

Defendant Documents: Nevada Division of Environmental Protection

State Environmental Commission Documents