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SEC Regulatory Hearing 05/07

The State Environmental Commission (SEC) has scheduled a public hearing on Thursday, May 24, 2007 beginning at 9 am. The hearing will be conducted through use of a video conference link between Carson City and Las Vegas. The hearing location in Carson City will be at the Division of Environmental Protection, 4th floor conference room located at 901 South Stewart Street, Carson City Nevada (i.e., The Bryan Building). The hearing location in Las Vegas will be at the Division's Office which is located at 2030 E. Flamingo Rd. Suite 230, Las Vegas Nevada.

The purpose of the hearing is to receive comments from all interested persons regarding the following SEC action items. If a person that may be directly affected by a proposed action does not appear and request time to make an oral presentation at the above referenced hearing, the SEC may proceed immediately to act upon any of the following items described in this notice.

The following items will be discussed and acted upon but may be taken in different order to accommodate the interest and time of the persons attending.

Public Notice

Meeting Agenda

1) Approval of minutes 09/06/06 hearing — 88 Pages 1MB File * ACTION

2) Nevada Applicable State Implementation Plan * Informational Item: The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) has requested the State Environmental Commission (SEC) to "approve" the deletion of certain outdated sections of Nevada's federally required Applicable State Implementation Plan (ASIP). The ASIP is submitted to US EPA as required under the Clean Air Act. As part of the "deletion process" NDEP must demonstrate that the deletion of old, previously approved sections have undergone a "public hearing process" with the existing requisite 30-day notice and comment period.

3) Arsenic Rule Exemptions *ACTION by Consent Calendar — Pursuant to the federal Safe Drinking Water Act and Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 445A.935, the Commission may grant exemptions from the regulations of the Commission. A number of public water systems, which are listed by name on the meeting agenda, have submitted arsenic exemption applications. These applications have been reviewed and are being recommended for approval by staff from the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection's Bureau of Safe Drinking Water. For more information read the Arsenic Exemptions Background Briefing noted below; the briefing document contains the list of waster systems requesting exemptions and a "boiler plate" exemption approval document for consideration by the SEC.

4) Settlement Agreements, Air Quality Violations *ACTION By Consent Calendar: The Division of Environmental Protection has negotiated 14 Settlement Agreements for Air Pollution Control violations. The SEC is being asked to approve, deny, or modify each agreement for the following companies:

5) Bureau of Air Pollution Control (BAPC) - Penalty Table * Informational Item: The BAPC has developed a "Non-Emissions Air Quality Violations Penalty Table" that is used to augment fines in the event of repeat violations. The SEC has requested a review of the this information.

6) Public Comments

 Additional Information about the meeting process  

Persons wishing to comment on the proposed actions of the State Environmental Commission (SEC) may appear at the scheduled public hearing or may address their comments, data, views, or arguments in written form to: State Environmental Commission, 901 South Stewart Street, Suite 4001, Carson City, Nevada 89701-5249. The SEC must receive written submissions at least five days before the scheduled public hearing. If no person who is directly affected by the proposed action appears to request time to make an oral presentation, the SEC may proceed immediately to act upon any written submissions.

Members of the public can inspect copies of information to be acted on at the State Library and Archives in Carson City (100 Stewart Street), and at the offices of the Division of Environmental Protection in Carson City and Las Vegas. The Carson City office is located at 901 South Stewart Street, Suite 4001 and the Las Vegas office is located at 2030 E. Flamingo Rd. Suite 230, Las Vegas Nevada.

In addition, copies of this public notice and the accompanying background information have been deposited electronically at major library branches in each county in Nevada.

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