Appeal — State Environmental Commission (SEC)

  Beverly Hills Dairy (A.K. Coral Cay Trust)
  Permit Number NEV2006504

October 30, 2006 — Notice of Appeal Hearing – Beverly Hills Dairy

  Documents List

  • Permit Withdrawal and Appeal Dismissal Request
    May 24, 2010   Beverly Hills Dairy Letter to request withdrawal/cancellation of permit
    June 15, 2010   Letter Granting Termination of Permit
    June 28, 2010   Request to Dismiss Appeal

  • Order Dismissing Appeal

Additional Background Information

The applicant Beverly Hills Dairy (A.K. Coral Cay Trust) applied for and was subsequently issued a permit (NEV2006504) to discharge manure and process wastewater to groundwater via land application and irrigation in accordance with the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection's (NDEP) approved Nutrient Management Plan in Amargosa Valley, Nevada. The facility is would be located in Section 18, Township 16 South, Range 48 East, the former Buchanan Ranch, at 950 West Amargosa Farm Road. The dairy has been designed to hold a maximum of 2,900 mature dairy cows and 1,050 heifers in open confinement.

The facility is defined as a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) because the dairy will confine at least 700 mature cows for 30 days or more in a 12-month period in an area devoid of vegetation during the normal growing season. The synthetically lined dairy lagoon will have a total capacity of 20.69 million gallons. The applicant has requested a 30-day average discharge flow limitation of 0.310 million gallons per day. The applicant would land apply the liquid and solid manure on 320 acres of cropland. The lagoon/pond system is required to contain the maximum operating volume of process wastewater and all precipitation and runoff resulting from the 25-year, 24-hour storm event.

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