Bango Oil, LLC Appeal
Air Pollution Control Permit #AP2992-1473

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On January 26, 2011 the Nevada Division of Environmental protection (NDEP) held a public hearing in Carson City on a proposed renewal of the above referenced air pollution control permit for the Bango Oil facility. The facility is located in rural western Churchill, County Nevada (See Map). The renewed permit allows continued operation of the company's used oil recycling facility. Among other stipulations and requirements, the permit allows Bango Oil to process up to 2,400 gallons/hour of used oil and recycled fuel oil into value added products for commercial distribution.

On July 8, 2011 NDEP issued a 27 page "Response to Comments" document that address all written and verbal comments received on the above referenced permit. The document includes responses to comments provided by the public at the January 26, 2011 public hearing. On July 8 th NDEP also provided notice of its issuance of the final renewal Class II Air Quality Operating Permit to Bango Oil.

On July 21, 2011 the State Environmental Commission (SEC) received an appeal of the above referenced permit from Mr. Don Mellow and Mr. Richard Wideman. These appeals were followed by a petition for Leave to Intervene that was filed on August 9th by counsel for Bango Oil (Holland & Hart). Then on August 11, 2011 Nevada's Attorney General on behalf of NDEP filed a motion to dismiss (or) alternatively a motion for a briefing schedule. All of these referenced documents are presented below. Of note, this is the second time the SEC has has received an appeal on the Bango Oil facility.

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