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Alfred Balitzer Claremont, California
A. History

The forerunner of the State Environmental Commission, the State Commission of Environmental Protection, was established in 1971 by an act of the State Legislature. It was not funded, however, until 1973 when, at the same time, a series of amendments to the 1971 legislation established the State Environmental Commission. These years, 1971-1973, constituted the first phase of an effort by the State of Nevada to come to grips with growing environmental concerns through government regulation. They are significant years because of the formative influence they had on the character, mission and powers of the State Environmental Commission.
1971: An Imperfect Beginning

In April, 1971 the State legislature passed the Nevada Air Pollution Act, a bill that also provided for the establishment of the State Commission of Environmental protection. Charged with developing and enforcing air quality regulations for the state of Nevada, the Commission was given sweeping powers to control sources of air pollution. Both the legislative and executive branches were prompted to action by amendments in 1970 to the Federal Clean Air Act requiring each state to establish its own clean air plan and implementation mechanism.

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