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These panels require a substantial amount of work, and not many Commissioners are known to volunteer for them. When the Commission hears an appeal, a set procedure must be followed a copy of which appears in Appendix C.

(Readers Note: The most current SEC "Rules of Practice" are on line at: SEC.NV.GOV)

The Commission And Its Critics: An Evaluation

The Environmental Commission is one of the best kept secrets in the State of Nevada.
Over a period of three months, the staff of the Rose Institute of State and Local Government conducted face to face interviews with thirty seven key opinion leaders from around the state, including state legislators, county commissioners, representatives of the print and electronic media, Academics, business leaders, environmental activists and civic leaders.

Many of those interviewed had never heard of the Environmental Commission; those who had heard of it could seldom recognize the names of the Commission's members; and almost all were unaware of the role and powers of the Commission.
The Critique

The Commission's low profile has not prevented a body of criticism from emerging on the part of state legislators, county commissioners, environmental activists, business leaders and others whose interests or principles have been touched in one way or another by the decisions of the Commission.

Indeed, during interviews with members of the Commission, important suggestions were made about enlarging the scope of the Commission's work, altering its composition and improving its operations.

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