Petition No. P2008-19

LCB File No. R189-08

Nevada Administrative Code: Chapter 445A of NAC -- Authority is 1-16, NRS 445A.425; 17, NRS 445A.425 and 445A.465; 18, 20, 21, 23 and 24, NRS 459.826; 19, NRS 459.636 and 459.656; 22, NRS 459.826 and 459.832; 25-27, NRS 459.892; 28, NRS 590.830; 29, NRS 445A.425 and 459.826.

Description of Petition: This regulatory petition revises the Underground Storage Tank regulations and the Corrective Action regulations that address environmental site cleanups. These regulations are contained in the Nevada Administrative Code at NAC 459.9921 to 459.999 and NAC 445A.226 to 445A.22755 respectively.

The proposed regulations consolidates cleanup requirements for hazardous substance, hazardous waste, or regulated substance released from underground storage tanks and all other release sources. The regulations also make revisions to site assessment procedures to accommodate all types of releases from minor incidents to large sites with long operational histories of potential releases. The regulations better define abatement actions and they refine soil action levels to include consideration of all potential exposure pathways. Detail has been added in the regulations to address requests for exemptions from groundwater corrective actions. The regulations also seek to clarify the transition from Underground Storage Tank compliance requirements, to the initiation of a Leaking Underground Storage Tank cleanup case.

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