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Petition No. P2006-07

Mercury Air Emission Permitting Program For Precious Metal Mining Facilities:

LCB File No. R-189-05

Description of Petition: Between 2002 and 2005 the Nevada Voluntary Mercury Reduction Program, a joint effort of the NDEP, the U.S. EPA and four Nevada mining companies, achieved significant and rapid mercury emission reductions from thermal processes used in metal mining. Subsequent to this voluntary program, the NDEP has determined that it is necessary and appropriate to expand the coverage of the program to all metal mining operations in Nevada. Therefore, the NDEP is proposing regulations to require mercury air emission controls at precious metal mining facilities through a new mercury permitting program, as an adjunct to the current operating permit to construct program. The new program will apply to precious metals mining facilities that process mercury-containing ore and use thermal treatment processes that have the potential for liberating mercury into the atmosphere.

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