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Petition No. P2005-09

Procedures For Grants To Enhance Solid Waste Management Systems And Promote The Efficient Use Of Resources

LCB File No. R-176-05

Nevada Administrative Code: NAC 445A

Description of Petition: This regulation proposes adoption of several new sections in Chapter 444A of the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC). The new regulation would establish procedures for the Division to award grants to municipalities, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations for projects that enhance solid waste management systems and promote the efficient use of resources.

In the 2005 legislative session, SB 396 modified NRS 444A.110 by authorizing the Division to award grants for the above referenced activities. It also required the State Environmental Commission (SEC) to adopt regulations governing the administration of the grants. This petition seeks to carry out this requirement. It outlines grant application requirements, eligibility determination, evaluation criteria, grant agreements, and procedures for disbursement of funds, grant termination, etc.

The Division currently has a program to provide public education and support of recycling programs in Nevada through contracts. The grants program, which has now been authorized in legislation, is better suited for carrying out this function. The new regulation would also broaden the range of qualifying projects from recycling public education and support, to projects that enhance solid waste management systems and promote the efficient use of resources. The Division would still utilize recycling contracts as necessary for entities that are not eligible to receive grants under the statute.

Local governments, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions may see beneficial economic effects, both short and long term, if they become grant recipients. Similarly, businesses that provide services in support of grant projects may have modest beneficial effects. Modest economic benefits may accrue to the public due to improvements in waste management and recycling services. Implementation of the grants procedures will not cause agency costs to increase.

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