Petition No. P2008-08

LCB File No. R160-06

Nevada Administrative Code: 445A.425, 520 and 565

Description of Petition: the Clean Water Act and 40 CFR 131 give states responsibility for setting, reviewing and revising beneficial uses and water quality standards. State of Nevada authorities are contained in Nevada Revised Statutes 445A.425, 520 and 565 and water quality standards for waters of Nevada are found in the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 445A.118 through 445A.225.

Water quality standards are set for a waterbody segment at a level designed to protect and ensure a continuation of the designated beneficial use(s) set for the waterbody. Standards are based on criteria, such as, physical, chemical and biological characteristics, to protect the designated beneficial use(s).

This proposed regulation makes two categories of changes to the Nevada Administrative Code: 1) standards adjustments and additions to the Class Waters, 445A.124 through 445A.127, and; 2) an administrative reorganization of Water Quality Standards Tables, NAC 445A.124 through 127 and 445A.146 through 225.

Review all information about this regulations.

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