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Petition No.P2010-10

LCB File No. R133-10

Nevada Administrative Code: NRS 445A.425 and 445A.520

Description of Petition: This regulation made changes to Select Water Quality Standards for Nevada Waters in the Snake River Drainage Basin. These waters are located in Northern Elko County and consist of the following: South Fork Owyhee River; Owyhee River; Bruneau River; Jarbidge River; East Fork Jarbidge River; Salmon Falls Creek; Shoshone Creek; and Goose Creek.

Revisions to select water quality standards were made based on EPA recommended criteria, maintaining consistency with standards for other Nevada waterbodies, and other recommendations and information. The water quality standards for the above mentioned waterbodies are contained in the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 445A.214 - 225 (445A.1332-1362). NDEP also add four new tributary creeks located in the Snake River Drainage system to the Nevada water quality regulations.

See the October 2010 SEC Hearing for additional information [i.e., Agenda # 8]

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