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Petition No.P2010-07

LCB File No. R127-10:

Nevada Administrative Code: NRS 445A.425 and 445A.520

Description of Petition: This regulation makes Changes to the Water Quality Standards for Smoke, Bronco, and Gray Creeks: This regulation addresses water quality standards for Smoke, Bronco and Gray creeks defined under NAC 445A.180, 181 and 182 (445A.1286, 1698 and 1702). The standards for these creeks have not been reviewed since their inception in 1967 (Smoke) and 1973 (Bronco and Gray). Currently, there are no designated beneficial uses (uses) or reach descriptions assigned to these creeks. This regulation allows the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection to assign uses and reach descriptions for each creek; appropriate water quality criteria will be added based on the proposed uses for each creek.

See the October 2010 SEC Hearing for additional information [i.e., Agenda # 6]

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