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Petition No. P2010-05

LCB File No. R115-10

Nevada Administrative Code: NRS 445A.135

Description of Petition: Financial Assistance for Construction of Wastewater Treatment & Pollution Control Projects: This regulation amended NAC 445A. Rivisions govern financial assistance for construction of wastewater treatment & pollution control projects. Revisons to the regulation made the Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund more consistent with program elements such as the Division of Environmental Protection's Priority List and the Intended Use Plan.

The revisions also remove the requirement that project design be completed prior to project funding. The removal of this requirement allows communities, which can not afford up front engineering cost, to utilize state revolving funds for such activities. The regulation also removes confusing language for calculating fixed amounts for planning and design costs.

See the October 2010 SEC Hearing for additional information [i.e., Agenda 7]

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