Petition No. P2008-10

LCB File No. R083-08

Nevada Administrative Code: Chapter 445A of NAC

Description of Petition: The Bureau of Water Quality Planning of the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (Division) is proposing changes to the water quality regulations and water quality criteria for the Muddy River, located in northeast Clark County, Nevada. Proposed changes to the water quality regulations involve modifying the Muddy River reaches to create a middle reach; excluding the upper reach length located on Moapa Band of Paiutes tribal land from State water quality regulations; and adding water contact recreation as a beneficial use.

The proposed revisions to the water quality criteria include amending the E. coli bacteria criteria to support water contact recreation; modifying the temperature requirements to sustain endemic fish species; developing fluoride criteria based on Muddy River water chemistry; and revising the boron irrigation criteria on the lowermost section of the river.

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