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Petition No. NA

LCB File No. R039-11

Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) NRS 445B.210

Description of Petition: Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 445B.760 establishes the authority of the State Environmental Commission (SEC) to prescribe standards for emissions from mobile internal combustion engines. The authority under this section includes the authority to provide for the exemption from such standards of a vehicle for which special license plates have been issued to certain older motor vehicles.

The NDEP is proposing to amend State regulations for the motor vehicle emissions inspection and maintenance program. Specifically, the proposed amendment to NAC 445B.6115 would exempt vehicles that have been issued special license plates from emissions testing requirements.

The categories receiving the exemption are, Antique Vehicles, Street Rods, Classic Rods, and Classic Vehicles, as defined by NRS 482.381, 482.3812, 482.3814, and 482.3816 respectively. The proposed regulation would allow the exemption to be granted only if the owner certifies that the vehicle was not driven more than 5000 miles annually. This change is being proposed pursuant to the passage of AB2 by the 2011 Nevada Legislature.

See all information about this regulation [October 2011 SEC Hearing - Agenda 11]

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