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Petition No. P2010-01

LCB File No. R022-10

Nevada Administrative Code: Chapter 486A

Regulation R022-10: Alternative Fuels in Fleets: This regulation amends Chapter 486A of the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) to reflect recent changes made in statue by the Nevada Legislature (i.e., S.B.332). The proposed changes clarify in regulation both the types of alternative fuels and vehicles that will comply with the Alternative Fuels in Fleets program. The regulation addresses vehicle acquisition and fuel use requirements, reporting requirements, and program applicability. Overall the proposed regulation will provide more flexibility to respond to changes in the alternative fuels and low emission vehicles markets.

Specifically, the proposed regulation adds hybrid electric vehicles and clean vehicles as meeting the requirements of the program, while it exempts fleets that are subject to the federal Energy Policy Act alternative fuels program, along with vehicles that are used for fire, law enforcement, emergency response and military purposes. It requires the fleet operator to submit a statement outlining the procedures and internal controls to ensure alternative fuels are used. The proposed regulation also specifies the conditions under which the State Environmental Commission may grant a variance from provisions of the program (i.e., it extends the duration of a variance from 12 to 36 months).

The proposed regulation does not overlap or duplicate any regulations of other state or government agencies as it specifically exempt fleets that must comply with the Energy Policy Act, a federal program that the State's program would otherwise duplicate. The regulation does not address fees and will not have an immediate or long-term adverse economic impact on the public or the business community. The regulation does not affect businesses, only state and local government fleets located in Clark and Washoe Counties. (SEC Reference P2010-01)

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