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Petition No. 2003-11

LCB File No. R-232-03

Date Received by Commission: 12/16/03

Summary: This Petition proposed changes to Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 486A: Fleets Use of Alternative Fuels.

Current Status: Approved by the SEC on February 26, 2004

Nevada Administrative Code: NAC 486A

Permanent Adoption/Hearing: Adopted by LCB: 04/13/04

Petitioner: Bureau of Air Quality Planning

Description of Petition: The amendment reflects changes made to NRS 486A made during the 2003 legislative session (AB 237). The changes include removal of low-sulfur diesel fuel from the list of designated alternative fuels and replacement with three diesel fuel variants; at the end of 2006 ultra low-sulfur diesel and California diesel sunset. Also, the petition removes the definition of "certified vehicle" and all references to certified vehicles in NAC 486A. The definition of "dedicated alternative fuel motor vehicle" was amended in statute to include vehicles certified by the EPA as being in compliance with ultra low-emission vehicle standards regardless of the type of fuel they use. By reference to the amended NRS (486A.060), a "certified vehicle" is now included in the NAC definition of "alternative fuel vehicle," making a separate definition of "certified vehicle" in the NAC unnecessary.

While regulated business and industry are unaffected by these changes, the proposed amendments will have a small economic effect (related to fuel costs) on State and local government fleets that acquire diesel fueled vehicles to comply with this regulation beginning with State Fiscal Year 2004. The regulations will otherwise not have an economic impact, either immediate or long term, on the regulated industry. There will be no additional costs to the agency for enforcement of these amendments and the regulations do not overlap or duplicate any regulations of other state or government agencies. The amended regulations are no more stringent than what is established by federal law and they do not address fees.

Annotated History of the Petition: data here Petition 2003-11 received as a permanent petition from the Bureau of Air Quality Planning on 12/16/2003 and subsequently approved by the SEC on February 26, 2004.   The petition was adopted by LCB on April 13, 2004

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