Regulations by NAC Chapter

This webpage contains details about regulations adopted by SEC since 1993. Details included the final regulation and support documents. Regulations adopted after 2006 are hypertexed to the regulatory hearing webpage; and these webpages contain all relevent support documents for each regulation.

444.570--444.7499          Solid Waste Disposal
444.842--444.960            Hazardous Waste Management
444A.005--444A.470       Recycling and Waste Tires
445.070--445.241            Water Pollution Control *
445.430--445.846            Air Pollution Control *
445.850--445.9491          Vehicle Emission Control *
445.980--445.995            Commission Rules of Practice *
445A.001--445A.026        Lake Tahoe Water Pollution Control **
445A.055--445A.067        Water Quality Laboratory Certification
445A.070--445A.348        Water Pollution Control
445A.810--445A.925        Underground Injection Control
445B.001--445B.395        Air Pollution Control
445B.400--445B.775        Vehicle Emission Control
445B.875--445B.899        Commission Rules of Practice
4459.9533 -- 000000        Mercury Storage
445C.010--445C.140        Environmental Audits
459.952--459.95528         Hazardous Substances and Explosives
459.970--459.9729           Consultant Certification
459.973--459.9743           Voluntary Cleanup
459.9921--459.999           Storage Tanks
486A.010--486A.250        Alternative Fuels and Public Fleet Vehicles
519A.010--519A.415        Mining Reclamation

* NAC 445 was split into two chapters; NAC 445A (Water) and 445B (Air and Environmental Commission Rules of Practice) in 1994. NAC 445B citations in the air quality operating permit program were renumbered in April 2002.

** Lake Tahoe Basin citations were repealed.

Chapter 444   444.570-- 444.7499  Solid Waste Disposal

SEC#      LCB #         Description of Regulatory Petition

96012      R072-96   Solid Waste Class II Landfill sites exempt for ground water monitoring
97001      R031-97   Solid Waste Management Class II Site Covering & Monitoring
9300B      R043-93   Solid Waste Out of State Fees Repealed
94001      R051-93   Solid waste facilities management deadlines extensions
98003      R034-98   Solid Waste Transfer Stations and Public Storage Bins
95013      R035-95   Solid Waste Class II Landfill Two Year Time Extension
93008      R051-93   Solid Waste Landfill permitting program amendments
98002      R035-98   Solid Waste Financial Assurance for Public & Private Operators
94006      R208-93   Solid Waste Landfill technical amendments to R-051-93
95008      R030-95   Solid Waste Financial Assurance Date Extension
94018      R115-94   Solid Waste addition of "Inert waste" definition & standard
2000-02   R173-99   Solid Waste Facility Recycling Centers & Compost Operations
2002-12   R105-02   Solid Waste Composting and Community Transfer Bins
2005-10   R179-05   Waste Landfill Cover Requirements R123-11 A Regulation Relating to Solid Waste

Chapter 444   444.842-- 444.960  Hazardous Waste Management

93003      R046-93   Hazardous Waste CFR Reference Updates
97006      R107-97   Hazardous Waste Facility Fee Reduction
94016      R114-94   Hazardous Waste CFR Reference updates documents
93002      R045-93   Hazardous Waste generator maintain records/inspection reports
98009      R125-98   Hazardous Waste Mobile Recycling Unit Application Process
94005      R174-93   Hazardous Waste Mobile Recycling Units defined and fees
94004      R173-93   Hazardous Waste Used Oil Recycling amendments
96001      R027-95   Hazardous Waste CFR References updates to July 1, 1995
95007      R029-95   Hazardous Waste CFR Reference Updates to March 1, 1995
98008      R124-98   Hazardous Waste CFR Reference Updates to July 1, 1998
97008      R202-97   Hazardous Waste CFR Reference Updates to July 1, 1997
94017      R113-94   Hazardous Waste facility certificate of designation
96016      R116-96   Hazardous Waste Used Antifreeze management and recycling
2000-01   R170-99   Hazardous Waste CFR Reference Updates to July 1, 1999
2000-04   R019-00   Hazardous Waste EPA Transporter/Generator/Facility Number
2001-02   R037-01   Hazardous Waste CFR Reference Updates to July 1, 2001
2002-11   R104-02   Hazardous Waste CFR Updates to July 1,2002
2003-08   R-208-03   Waste fee changes, Beatty
2003-06   R-126-03  CFR Reference Update, February 26, 2004
2007-04   R137-07  Adoption by Reference, Hazardous Waste
2008-07   R015-08  Adopt by Reference, Hazardous Waste Regulation
R153-08   Adopt by Reference Federal Hazardous Waste Regulations:
R030-11 Biennial Reports by Generators of Hazardous Waste
R031-11 A Regulation Relating to Hazardous Waste

Chapter 444A   444A.005-- 444A.470   Recycling and Waste Tires

96011      R071-96   Recycling thresholds & waste tire hauler manifests changes
94019      R116-94   Solid Waste addition waste tire recycling regulations
2001-03   R038-01   Recycling AB564 in Public Buildings and Model Plan
2001-04   R039-01   Recycling State Building Recycling Criteria
R049-11 Recycling Services at Apartment Complexes and Condominiums

Chapter 445   445.070-- 445.241   Water Pollution Control *

94010      R059-94   Water Quality Aquatic Standards for selected metals
94015      R111-94   Hazardous Waste release reporting phone number update
94007      R213-93   Wastewater Treatment plant operator certification fees
93007      R050-93   Hazardous Waste release reporting requirement changes
94013      R112-94   Water Quality Standards for the Carson River
9300A      R042-93   Water Pollution Control permit fees
93005      R048-93   Water Quality Standards for Truckee River standards
94009      R060-94   Water Quality Standards Lake Mead Marina Campground Ammonia
2004-15   R-063-04   Treated Effluent
2004-24   R-136-04    Water Quality Standards - Lake Mead & Las Vegas Bay
2004-17   R-103-04    Underground Injection Control - Fees
R076-08   Adopt By Reference Air Pollution Regulations
R127-10   Proposed Changes to the Water Quality Standards for Smoke, Bronco, and Gray Creeks
R130-10   Administrative updates Colorado Salinity
R133-10   Changes to Water Quality Standards in the Snake River Drainage Basin
R129-10   Water Quality Standards for Class D Waters & Removal of Legal References for Tribal Waters

Chapter 445A Safe Drinking Water *

2005-07   R-129-05    Revises Certification of Operators of Public Water Systems
2005-06   R-126-05    Public Water System, Water Quality and Treatment of Water
2008-06   R-014-08    Adoption of federal regulations by reference - US Safe Drinking Water Act:
R194-08   Public Water Systems
R061-10  Safe Drinking Water Adoption By Federal Reference

Chapter 445   445.A    Water Controls - Safe Drinking Water

2005-07   R-129-05    Revises Certification of Operators of Public Water Systems
2005-06   R-126-05    Public Water System, Water Quality and Treatment of Water
2008-06   R-014-08    Adoption of federal regulations by reference - US Safe Drinking Water Act:

Chapter 445   445.430-- 445.846   Air Pollution Control *

93004      R047-93   Air Quality Criteria Pollutants removed from Toxic List
94008      R015-94   Air Quality technical amendments to R 138 93 CAA Op program
94014      R109-94   Air Quality Threshold Limit Indices repeal
94002      R138-93   Air Quality Operating Permit Program Amendments
94011      R062-94   Air Quality Operating permitting program fees revision
93001      R044-93   Air Quality Mohave Powerplant opacity reductions
93009      R052-93   Air Quality NSPS standards additions
2003-03   R064-03   Air Pollution Fines
2003-04   R064-03   Air Pollution - Technical Regulatory Changes
2003-11   R-232-03   Air Quality, Feets Use of Alternative Fuels
2003-03   R064-03   Air Pollution Fines
2003-13   R-198-03   Fees for processing Class I and II operating permit
2004-22   New Source Review (NSR) and Ozone Nonattainment Rule
2004-29     Temp   Adoption By Reference of Federal Regulations
2004-28   R-036-05   Visible emissions: Coal-fired steam generating facilities
2004-29   R-037-05   Adoption By Reference of Federal Regulations
2005-02   R-096-05   Revisions to Meet Federal Planning Requirements
2006-09   R-139-06   Air Quality Reforms - New Source Review
2006-16   R-151-06   Air Pollution Control Permitting Provisions
2006-10   R-154-06   Air Pollution Control Permitting Fees
2006-18   R-162-06   Clean Air Mercury Rule (CAMR)
2007-02    R057-07   Adoption By Reference of Federal Regulations
2007-01   R056-07   Mercury Air Emissions Control Program Fees
2007-07   R143-07  Nevada's Clean Air Mercury Rule
2007-06   R142-07   Minor Violation Fine Increase; Revising the Definition of a Class III Source
R191-08   Reporting Requirements for Excess Air Emissions
R190-08   Best Available Retrofit Technology & Emission Limitations
R088-09   Adopt by Reference Federal Regulations
R004-09   Greenhouse Gas Emissions
R130-09   Changes to Motor Vehicle Emission Program
R147-09   Class I Air Quality Operating Permit to Construct
R148-09   Emissions Limits at NV Energy's Reid-Gardner
R040-10   Repeal of Nevada Clean Air Mercury Rule Program (CAMR):
R126-10   Air Pollution Control Permitting Provisions
R115-10   Financial Assistance for Construction of Wastewater Treatment & Pollution Control Projects
T008-11 Air Pollution Control New Class IV (Area Source) Permitting Program; Class II Certification Requirements
T009-11 Air Pollution Control Adopt by Reference; Greenhouse Gas Permitting
R006-11 Air Pollution Control New Public Notice Provisions For Class II Air Permits
R014-11 Air Pollution Control New Class IV (Area Source) Permitting Program; Class II Certification Requirements
R015-11 Air Pollution Control Adopt by Reference; Greenhouse Gas Permitting
R129-11 A Regulation Relating to Air Pollution Control

Chapter 445   445.850-- 445.9491   Vehicle Emission Control *

94012      R063-94   Air Quality Enhanced I/M Program revisions
94003      R147-93   Air Quality Enhanced I/M Program Original petition
2004-27     Temp  Vehicle Emission Testing - Inspection & Maintenance
2004-28     Temp   Visible Emissions - Technical Correction
2005-05    R106-05  Vehicle Emission Control Program - Servicing Fuel Injection Systems
2004-27    R035-05   Vehicle Emission Testing - Inspection & Maintenance Program:
2008-05    R171-07  Waivers from Emissions Standards for certain Motor Vehicles
R022-10   Alternative Fuels in Fleets:
R039-11 Motor Vehicle Emissions Inspection and Maintenance Program

Chapter 445   445.980-- 445.995   Commission Rules of Practice *

93010      R053-93   SEC Practices Before Commission Appeal Authority
2003-10   R-227-03 SEC Rules of Practice - Final, 2004
R135-11    Rules of Practice, State Environmental Commission

Chapter 445   4459.9533   Mercury Storage

2006-19   R019-07   Handling and Storage of Mercury

Chapter 445A   445A.001-- 445A.026   Lake Tahoe Water Pollution Control **

96015      R110-96   Water Quality Original Lake Tahoe Basin Regulation Repeal

Chapter 445A   445A.055-- 445A.067   Water Quality Laboratory Certification

97003      R028-97   Water Quality Laboratory Certification Warning Limits
96014      R112-96   Water Quality Laboratory Certification Updates
1999-08   R070-99   Water Quality Laboratory Certification Overhaul
2004-16   R061-04   Laboratory Certification

Chapter 445A   445A.070-- 445A.348   Water Pollution Control

96013      R086-96   Water Quality Standards for Lake Tahoe Basin #2
97005      R106-97   Water Pollution General Permit for Rolling Stock
96003      R127-95   Water Quality Standards for Humboldt River
97002      R027-97   Mining Water Pollution Control Fee Increases
95006      R028-95   Water Pollution Control Discharge Permit Compliance
96018      R119-96   Corrective Action Cleanup Standards and Action Levels
98005      R062-98   Water Quality Standards for the Las Vegas Bay
96004      R128-95   Water Quality Standards toxic materials & metals update
96020      R033-97   Corrective Action Cleanup Standards Reference Document
96017      R118-96   Corrective Action UST Cost vs Benefit Criteria
95009      R031-95   Water Quality Standards for Lake Tahoe Basin
1999-01   R017-99   Water Quality Standards & Health Division drinking standard
1999-02   R018-99   Mining Water Pollution Control Fee Stabilization
1999-04   TEMP      Water Pollution Control Diffuse Source/Rolling Stock Permit
1999-05   R020-99   Water Pollution Control Permit Program Technical Amendments
1999-06   R021-99   Water Pollution Spill Reporting Deletion of DMV& PS Emergency Management
2000-03   R206-99   Water Pollution Control Fees Overhaul and Increase
2000-10   R104-00   Water Quality Standards for Walker River and Lake
2002-01   R096-01   Water Pollution Control Point Source Permit and Diffuse
2002-03   R128-01   Water Quality Standards for Walker River
2002-04   R129-01   Water Quality Standards for Walker Lake
2002-07   R037-02   Water Pollution Operator Certification and Fee Increase
2002-10   R099-02   Water Quality Statewide Standards
2003-09   R-226-03   standards for the Class Waters
2004-18   R-07904   CAFO Concentrated Animal Feed Operations
2004-23   R128-04    Drinking Water State Revolving Fund
2004-26    R092-04    Wastewater Pretreatment Program - Publicly Owned Treatment Works
2006-14   R-158-06    Standards for toxic materials applicable to designated waters
2006-13   R-159-06    Colorado River Salinity Standards
2006-15   R-138-06   Clarification of Certain Fee Categories for Mining Facility Permits
2006-12    R141-06   Stabilization of Spent Ore
2007-05   R127-07  Release Reporting Regulations of Hazardous Substances
R160-06   Proposed Changes to Water Quality Standards
R083-08   Muddy River Water Quality
R194-07   On-Site Sewage Disposal System
R186-08   Molybdenum Aquatic Life Water Quality Standard
R152-08   Regulatory Authorities for Subdivision Review
R115-10   Financial Assistance for Construction of Wastewater Treatment & Pollution Control Projects

Chapter 445A   445A.810-- 445A.925   Underground Injection Control

2001-07   R043-01   Water Pollution Control UIC Class V Well Regulation

Chapter 445B   445B.001-- 445B.395   Air Pollution Control

95001      R032-95   Air Quality Amends Effective Date of 11 14 94 & Deletes Permit to Construct
95002      R032-95   Air Quality Operating Permit Program Fees Revision #2
95004      R032-95   Air Quality Title V Acid Rain Program Additions
95005      R032-95   Air Quality Amends Particulate matter PM10 Calculations
95010      R032-95   Air Quality Title V Permitting Program Technical Cleanup
96006      R011-96   Air Quality modification of Hazardous Air Pollutants
96009      R021-96   Air Quality BACT and particulate requirements amended
96010      R027-96   Air Quality Operating Permit Program Fees Revision #3
97004      R105-97   Air Quality Operating Permit Program streamlining
97009      R204-97   Air Quality Municipal Solid Waste Landfill air reporting
98004      R036-98   Air Quality Technical Correction to NAC 445B.321
98010      R126-98   Air Quality MACT for Hazardous Air Pollutants Operating Program
1999-03   R019-99   Air Quality Operating Permit Program Fees
1999-07   R022-99   Air Quality NSPS standards update & Operating Permit
2000-11   R118-00   Air Quality Opacity Measurement Methods & NSPS
2000-12   R117-00   Air Quality Operating Permit Program Amendments
2001-05   R040-01   Air Quality Class III Permit Program and Fees
2002-09   R103-02   Air Pollution Permit to Construct Program

Chapter 445B   445B.400-- 445B.775   Vehicle Emission Control

95012      R034-95   Air Quality Enhanced I/M Program Recision in Clark county
96008      R018-96   Air Quality Heavy Duty Diesel Emissions
97010      R205-97   Air Quality I/M Restored Vehicle exemption definition
98001      R033-98   Air Quality I/M Increase in Wavier Expenditure
2002-02   R102-01   Air Quality Heavy Duty Diesel Calif Program Consistency
2002-05   R017-02   Air Quality I/M Program OBD Program Implementation
2000-07   R055-00   Air Quality I/M On Board Diagnostic System
2002-08   R102-02   Air Quality Heavy Duty Diesel Opacity Standards

Chapter 445B   445B.875-- 445B.899   Commission Rules of Practice

95011      R033-95   SEC Practices Before Commission Reconsideration & Rehearing
98006      R063-98   SEC Practices Before Commission Zip Code Update
2003-01   TEMP      SEC Rules of Practice Update for 2002

Chapter 445C   445C.010-- 445C.140   Environmental Audits

97007      R201-97   Environmental Audits for NDEP Statutory Programs

Chapter 459   459.952-- 459.95528   Hazardous Substances and Explosives

94020      R110-94   Chemical Hazard annual fees for regulated facilities
98007      R121-98   Hazardous Waste CAPP and 112R RMP Integration
2000-08   R087-00   Chemical Accident Prevention Fee Increase
2001-06   R041-01   CAPP Certificate of Construction & Explosives
2004-25   R137-04   Chemical Action Prevention

Chapter 459   459.892   Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund

2004-19      R084-04   Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund

Chapter 459   459.970-- 459.9729   Consultant Certification

93006      R049-93   Consultant Certification public utility exemption
96007      R016-96   Consultant Certification Attestment of Documents

Chapter 459   459.973-- 459.9743   Voluntary Cleanup

2000-06   R054-00   Voluntary Cleanup and Certification
R189-08   Leaking Underground Storage Tank and Corrective Action Regulations

Chapter 459   459.9921-- 459.999   Storage Tanks

96005      R162-95   Corrective Action Underground Storage Tank Risk Based Standards
2005-03   R083-05   Regulation of Marina Storage Tanks, petroleum contaminate soil, and MTBE
2008-03   R004-08   Delivery Prohibition - Underground Storage Tanks
2008-04   R005-08   Secondary Containment for Underground Storage Tanks
R052-11 A Regulation Relating to Underground Storage Tanks

Chapter 486A   486A.010-- 486A.250   Alternative Fuels and Public Fleet Vehicles

96002      R104-95   Air Quality Alternative Fuels conflict deletion
95003      R025-95   Air Quality Standards for Alternative Fuels Additions
96019      R032-97   Air Quality Alternative Fuel Program Credit Elimination
2000-05   R031-00   Air Quality Alternative Fuels Low Emission Vehicles

Chapter 519A   519A.010-- 519A.415   Mining Reclamation

2000-09   R090-00   Mining Fluid Management Sureties
2001-01   R120-00   Mining Surety Readiness Trust Fund
2001-08   R089-01   Mining Reclamation Surety Bonding Technical Changes
2002-06   R020-02   Mining Reclamation Fee Increase #1
2005-01   R097-05   Mining Reclamation Permit Modification and Fee Adjustments
R080-08   Reclamation of Land Subject to Mining Regulations

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