Petition No. P2006-14

LCB File No. R158-06

Nevada Administrative Code: NAC 445A.144

Description of Petition: Standards for toxic materials applicable to designated waters: This regulation proposes certain revisions to the water quality standards related to the aquatic life beneficial use for the inorganic chemicals contained in NAC 445A.144, "Standards for Toxic Materials Applicable to Designated Waters". Water quality standards contained in NAC 445A.144, which are referred to as the Toxics Standards, were last amended in 1995. This regulation presents the proposed revisions to update only the aquatic life water quality standards for just the inorganic chemicals prescribed in NAC 445A.144. These proposed revisions are based on new or revised water quality criteria that have been recommended by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for protection of aquatic life. No changes to the other water quality standards contained in NAC 445A.144 are proposed at this time. The Division of Environmental Protection will update the inorganic chemicals standards for municipal and domestic supply, irrigation, and watering of livestock beneficial uses, and the organic chemicals standards at a later date.

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