Petition No. R015-08

LCB File No. P2008-07

Nevada Administrative Code:

Description of Petition: Regulation R015-08: Adopt by Reference, Hazardous Waste Regulation: This regulation would amend chapter 444 of the Nevada Administrative Code. The proposed amendment is necessary to incorporate changes to the federal hazardous waste regulations that are currently in conflict with existing state regulations. Federal regulatory changes adopted by US EPA between July 1, 2006 and July 1, 2007, include a rule with corrections of errors in the hazardous waste and used oil regulations as a result of printing omissions, typographical errors, obsolete citations etc.

The state's proposed regulation also adopts by reference the federal Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) Rule which streamlines management requirements for recycling of used CRTs (e.g. televisions and computers) and glass removed from CRTs. The rule excludes these materials from the federal definition of solid waste (and thus from regulation as hazardous waste) if certain conditions are met. The federal rule (and now the proposed state regulation) is intended to encourage recycling and reuse of used CRTs and CRT glass. This rule does not change the requirements for CRTs sent for disposal.

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