Petition No. R004-08

LCB File No. P2008-03

Nevada Administrative Code: NAC 459.9921 to 459.999

Description of Petition: Regulation R004-08: Delivery Prohibition - Underground Storage Tanks: This proposed regulation amends the existing underground storage tank regulations contained in Nevada Administrative Code 459.9921 to 459.999 by instituting a delivery prohibition component of underground storage tank regulation. The proposed regulation implements the delivery prohibition provisions from Section 9012 of the federal Solid Waste Disposal Act (SWDA), enacted by the Underground Storage Tank Compliance Act, part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 enacted on August 8, 2005. In order to continue to receive federal funds under Subtitle I of the SWDA, an implementing agency (in this case the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection) is required to enact program changes to institute a delivery prohibition element as part of its program.

Delivery prohibition is a mechanism of identifying underground storage tanks that are not operating in accordance with program requirements and marking them as ineligible for the acceptance or delivery of a regulated substance.

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