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Petition No. 97009

LCB File No. R204-97

Date Received by Commission: 12/05/1997

Summary: Air Quality Municipal Solid Waste Landfill air reporting

Current Status: Codification completed 7/17/98 by LCB

Nevada Administrative Code: 445B.001 to 445B.395

Permanent Adoption/Hearing: 01/22/1998

Temporary Adoption: N/A

Effective/Filed: 03/05/1998

Codified by LCB: 07/17/1998

Petitioner: NDEP / Bureau of Air Quality

Description of Petition:

Petition 97009 (LCB R204-97) permanently amends NAC 445B by establishing a new section to govern municipal solid waste landfills annual reporting of nonmethane organic compound emissions, the process for planning and installing air emission collection and control equipment. This regulation is based on 40 C.F.R. Parts 60.30(c) to 60.36(c) and amends NAC 445B.001 to 445B.395.

Annotated History of the Petition:

Petition 97009 received from BAQ on 12/5/97; received from LCB 1/9/98; to SEC 1/22/98 for adoption; adopted as presented by SEC on 1/22/98; to LCB on 1/27/98; filed w/Secretary of State on 3/5/98. Codification completed by LCB on 7/17/1998.

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