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Petition No. 96008

LCB File No. R018-96

Date Received by Commission: 01/24/1996

Summary: Air Quality Heavy Duty Diesel Emissions

Current Status: Codification completed 8/26/96 by LCB

Nevada Administrative Code: 445B.400 to 445B.775

Permanent Adoption/Hearing: 03/26/1996

Temporary Adoption: N/A

Effective/Filed: 05/03/1996

Codified by LCB: 08/26/1996

Petitioner: NDEP / Bureau of Air Quality

Description of Petition:

Petition 96008 (LCB R018-96) permanently amends NAC 445B.400 to NAC 445B.775 by establishing a program for the regulation of air quality emissions from heavy/duty vehicles as required by Nevada Revised Statute 445B.780. The amendments establish an opacity limit for heavy duty vehicle diesel exhaust and revises test procedures and equipment for measuring opacity. NAC 445B.737, 445B.739, 445B.470, 445B.762, 445B.765, 445B.767, 445B.769, 445B.771, 445B.773, and 445B.774 are amended and a new section is added to address the effective date. NAC 445B.766 and 445B.775 are repealed.

Annotated History of the Petition:

Petition 96008 received from BAQ 1/24/96, to LCB for permanent drafting 1/29/96. To SEC on 3/26/96. Amended/Adopted by SEC 3/26/96; to LCB for filing on 3/29/96, amended filing on 4/2/96. Filed w/Secretary of State on 5/3/1996, eff 7/1/1996. Codification completed 8/26/96 by LCB. Request to correct sent 9/13/96, corrected 9/18/96.

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