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Petition No. 94020

LCB File No. R110-94

Date Received by Commission: 06/24/1994

Summary: Chemical Hazard annual fees for regulated facilities

Current Status: Petition withdrawn by Division 2/16/95

Nevada Administrative Code: 459.952 to 459.95528

Permanent Adoption/Hearing: 02/16/1995

Temporary Adoption: N/A

Effective/Filed: N/A

Codified by LCB: N/A

Petitioner: NDEP / Bureau of Waste Management

Description of Petition:

Petition 94020 (LCB R110-94) proposed to amend Nevada Administrative Code 459.9542 to increase the annual fees for the regulation of facilities using highly hazardous chemicals. The proposed amendments increase the base fee from $ 3,100 to $ 6,820 and the graduated facility fee from $ 10.50 to $ 23.10 for "highly hazardous units". A cap of $ 30,000 is proposed to be placed on the total fees annually required by any regulated facility.

Annotated History of the Petition:

Petition 94020 was received by the SEC on 6/24/94 and sent to LCB for drafting on 6/30/94. Received from LCB on 7/12/94; to SEC on 8/11/94. No action by SEC on 8/11/94. To be heard again in 6 months as a continued item. Withdrawn from further consideration by the Division of Environmental Protection at the 2/16/95 SEC hearing.

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