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Petition No. 2004-24

LCB File No. R136-04

Date Received by Commission: October 12, 2004

Summary: Water Quality Standards, Change in Sampling Locations - Lake Mead & Las Vegas Bay

Current Status: Permanent Filed w/Sec of State 02/17/05

Nevada Administrative Code: NAC445A.195 through NAC445A.197

Permanent Adoption: November 30, 2004

Description of Petition: This proposed regulation will revise NAC445A.195 through NAC445A.197 by redefining the sample station locations and adjusting the reach description for the inner Las Vegas Bay. The proposed regulation will also update the ammonia standards for Lake Mead and the inner Las Vegas Bay.

The current water quality sampling locations for Las Vegas Bay and Lake Mead put station 2 and 3 at a specified depth. Hence, the station moves out when the lake level falls and in when the lake level rises. However, stations LM4 and LM5 are at fixed locations. Because the lake level has dropped substantially, station 3 has moved out past station LM4 and is approaching LM5. As a result, stations LM4 and LM5 are no longer representative of the part of the lake they were intended to characterize. The relative positions of the stations are best defined by locating them a fixed distance from the confluence between Las Vegas Wash and Lake Mead. The proposed regulation will allow for this adjustment.

In addition, this regulatory revision addresses ammonia criteria. In 1999, USEPA updated the ammonia freshwater aquatic life criteria. The new criteria reflect new research and changes the criteria from unionized ammonia to total ammonia. This regulation would update the ammonia standard to conform with the recommended EPA criteria.

Annotated History of the Petition: Petition 2004-24 received as a permanent petition from the Executive Secretary of SEC on 10/12/2004 for adoption 11/30/2004 hearing of the SEC.

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