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Petition No. 2003-01

LCB File No. RO37-03

Date Received by Commission: 09/16/2002

Summary: SEC Rules of Practice Update for 2002

Current Status: Filed temporary w/Sec of State 11-20-02

Nevada Administrative Code: NAC 445B.875 to 445B.899

Permanent Adoption/Hearing: September 18, Petition was removed from the Agenda and remains a pending action

Temporary Adoption: 11/19/2002

Effective/Filed: Temporary 11/20/2002

Codified by LCB:

Petitioner: Susan Gray, Office of, Nevada Attorney Generals

Description of Petition: Petition 2003-01 is amendments to the Environmental Commission's Rules of Practice; NAC 445B.875 to 445B.899. The new amendments include: provisions allowing consolidation of two or more appeal that are substantially similar, the submittal of pleading and briefs, acknowledgement of service, stipulation to written testimony, due process and criteria for interveners to intervene in contested hearings, rights of parties of record, conduct of parties at Commission hearings, expanded definition and due process for subpoenas, limitation on ex parte communications, and amendments to NAC 445B.892 requiring parties requesting subpoenas to be responsible for preparing and effectuating service and NAC 445B.895 to limit the time and scope of examination of witnesses.

Annotated History of the Petition: Petition 2003-01 received as a temporary petition from the Executive Secretary of SEC on 9/16/2002 for adoption 11/19/2002 hearing of the SEC; adopted by SEC 11-19-02; filed as a temporary regulation with Secretary of State on 11-20-2002. The Petition was not acted on and thus expired by limitation on November 1, 2003.

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