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Petition No. 2002-02

LCB File No. R102-01

Date Received by Commission: 08/21/2001

Summary: Air Quality Heavy Duty Diesel California Program Consistency

Current Status: Petition withdrawn by Division 12/11/01

Nevada Administrative Code: 445B.400 to 445B.775

Permanent Adoption/Hearing: 12/11/2001

Temporary Adoption: N/A

Effective/Filed: N/A

Codified by LCB: N/A

Petitioner: NDEP / Bureau of Air Quality

Description of Petition:

Petition 2002-02 (LCB R102-01) is a permanent amendment to NAC 445B.400 to 445B.774, the vehicle emission control program. The amendment adopts by reference a State of California regulation that became effective on July 25, 2001. The amendment requires model year 2005 and 2006 new heavy/duty diesel engines (HDDEs) with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 14,001 pounds and greater to meet supplemental emission tests. Definitions added include the applicable Executive Order, heavy/duty diesel engine, model year, new motor vehicle, new motor vehicle engine, ultimate purchaser, ultra/small volume manufacturer, and urban bus.

Annotated History of the Petition:

Petition 2002-02 received from BAQ on 8/21/2001; drafted as a permanent regulation and before the SEC on 12/11/2001; withdrawn by the Division of Environmental Protection on 12/11/2001.

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