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Petition No. 2001-03

LCB File No. R038-01

Date Received by Commission: 12/15/2000

Summary: Recycling AB564 in Public Buildings and Model Plan

Current Status: Filed w/Secretary of State on 10/25/2001

Nevada Administrative Code: 444A.005 to 444A.470

Permanent Adoption/Hearing: 09/18/2001

Temporary Adoption: 05/10/2001

Effective/Filed: 10/25/2001

Codified by LCB:

Petitioner: NDEP / Bureau of Waste Management

Description of Petition:

Petition 2001-03 (LCB R038-01) permanently amends NAC 444A.005 to 444A.470 to extend programs for separating, at the source, recyclable material from other solid waste to include public buildings in counties with populations greater than 100,000. The amended regulations add for public buildings the minimum standards which were previously established for the source separation of recyclables at residential premises. Definitions for public building, paper and paper product are added. NAC 444A.120 was amended to add public buildings and 444A.130 was amended to provide for a municipality to make available a source separation of recyclable materials at public buildings.

Annotated History of the Petition:

Petition 2001-03 received 12/15/2000;as a temporary petition before SEC for adoption on 2/15/2001; not heard 2/15/2001; before SEC 5/10/2001, amended and adopted by SEC 5/10/2001 as a temporary regulation, filed with Sec State on 5/14/2001 as a temporary regulation; before SEC as R038-01 on 9/18/2001; adopted and filed with Secretary of State on 10/25/2001;

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